Any time something goes wrong with your plumbing system we will be just a quick phone call away, 24 hours a day to fix the problem for you. We handle blocked drains, frozen pipes, leaks and all kinds of other problems that just can't wait, for fastest response time please call us at 604-935-3535.

Tips for Emergency Repairs

  • If you have a leak or any flooding turn off the water right away. First go for the shut off valve for the particular fixture that is leaking. If that doesn't work, or there is not a shut-off valve for the leaking fixture, then go for the main shut off, even if you have to shut down water to the entire building. The sooner you stop the flood, the better for everyone. Then call Wedgeview Plumbing & Heating to repair the cause of the leak.
  • There is nothing worse than a backed up toilet! If you are unable to clear with a flush, open up the tank and push the tank ball down to close the flush valve. The next step is to try to clear the blockage with a plunger, make sure there is some water in the bowl to prevent splashing, but not too much so it doesn't over flow, and to cover the hole completely with the plunger. Larger blockages will require a plumber and a snake. If you cannot clear the blockage or have any doubts call Wedgeview Plumbing & Heating.