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Noisy Pipes

From banging to hammering to high-pitched squeaking, your water pipes can produce a symphony of sounds making you feel like you're living in a submarine. The trick to solving this problem is to identify the specific sounds, and to know from which glen the pipes, the pipes are calling.

Banging - Pipes are usually/hopefully anchored with metal or plastic straps every 6 to 8 feet for horizontal runs, or 8 to 10 feet for vertical. Banging pipes usually means loose pipes.
All it takes to fix this problem is adding more straps to anchor the pipe. Cushion the pipes from the straps with a rubber blanket.

Squeaking - Only your hot water pipes will squeak. The sound occurs when the pipe expands in its strap causing friction. The problem is the opposite of a banging pipe but the solution is the same: a rubber cushion between the pipe and the strap.

Water Hammer - Have you ever turned off a faucet or an appliance quickly causing the water to "hammer" against the pipes? This abrupt stoppage can occur when your air chambers, lengths of pipe which use air to cushion the shock when flowing water is shut off, fill with water and are no longer useful. Turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. Open all your faucets to drain the entire system. Close the faucets and turn on the water again. This should refill your chambers with air.

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